work had fallen off so m●uch that I was sure my contract was not● going to be renewed at the end of the present▓ term.I w

as always arriving late from▓ some meetin


g with Justine.I hardly bothered to● correct papers any more.I had become irritabl●e and surly with my colleagues and directors.▓Here was a chance to become my own man.I he●ard Justine’s voice in my head say

of Scobie


ing: ●‘Our love has become like some fearful misquota▓tion in a popular saying’ as I● leaned forward once more and nodded my● head.Scobie expelled a breath of reliev●ed pleasure and relaxed once more into



the● pirate.He confided his office to● an anonymous Mustapha who appare▓ntly dwelt somewhere in the black telephone —▓ Scobie always looked into the mouth▓piece as he spoke, as if into a human e▓ye.We left

is where y

the building together and a●llowed a staff car to take u●s down towards the sea.Further details of my e▓mployment could be discussed over▓ the little bottle of brandy

in th●e bottom of t

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